New RHEWUM Remote Service for best customer support at any place and any time

Not identifying and correcting malfunctions on screening machines can become very expensive for you as a producer. But what to do if the service technician cannot be on site? That’s why we are now offering an exclusive RHEWUM Remote Service, which allows our service technicians to visit you virtually at your production site. Book online now!

Modern screening technologies for maximizing quality & efficiency improvements in fertilizer production

A screening technology that meet the demanding specifications for the screening of phosphate-based fertilizers will be presented below. As the market leader in screening technology for fine particles, we have a solution for these difficult screening tasks with our WA(U) screening machine.

Optimization of sugar sifter plant by customized modernization

A well-known European sugar producer was looking for new screening machines to replace his worn-out sizers. Since not only the old machines but also the building were affected, the new sifters should transfer as few vibrations as possible into the building and at the same time increase the efficiency of the screening process. So the decision was made for a machine with directly excited screen meshes.

High-performance screening machines for the potash industry

Potash is an essential building block of life. Together with nitrogen and phosphorus, potash is the third essential one. It supports plant growth, enzyme activity, protein formation, photosynthesis, respiration and the improved absorption of nutrients. Almost 95% of all potash produced is used as a fertilizer. High-performance screening machines are indispensable in the potash production process. Learn more on our website.

Screening machine for animal feed production

A French manufacturer of dog and cat food decided to use a RHEWUM screening machine type WA for the screening of animal meal. Read the case study on our website for further information.

New vibration motors for more reliable screening machines

In order to meet the high standards of the produced screening machines and conveying troughs RHEWUM will also build the vibration motors in-house in the future. The motors are designed to be compatible with other models.

US producer of plastic granules relies on RHEWUM wet screening machine

In his production chain an American manufacturer will no longer use two machines for screening his plastic granulate, but only one: the RHEWUM WAFL with two screen decks. Read the full article on our website.

Sodium carbonate perfectly screened with vibration screening machine type WA

In the production of sodium carbonate with fluctuating feed rates and finest separations in the range of 200 µm, many manufacturers rely on the proven screening quality of the RHEWUM WA vibration screening machine to achieve optimum quality of their product. But what distinguishes the RHEWUM WA?