Major manufacturers, distributors and other professionals in the technology of capturing and filtration are organizing POLUSOLIDOS in order to offer visitors:

  • In POLUSOLIDOS there are technological solutions in systems of capturing and filtration to the following sectors:

    Steel plants Fatty
    Aeronautical Recycling
    Agribusiness Soap / Detergents
    Feeding Wood and paper
    Automotive Metallurgical
    Rubber Mining
    Ceramics and Glass Marine / Port
    Cosmetics Plastic
    Energy Chemical
    Pharmacist Surface treatment
  • POLUSOLIDOS is a unique fair in Europe.

    POLUSOLIDOS take place in EXPOSOLIDOS, exhibition of Solid Technology, the largest in Southern Europe of the processing, handling and transportation of dry powders and bulk materials.

  • POLUSOLIDOS commitment to training and information.
    POLUSOLIDOS is not only a showcase of the latest technology, but also an exchange of information between professionals and an opportunity to retrain attending both official Technical Conference organized by the Organizing Committee as those organized by the exhibitors themselves and sectorial agents .
  • POLUSOLIDOS is an international business center.
    POLUSOLIDOS is a unique fair in Europe which explains the presence of major international companies.
  • POLUSOLIDOS a specific visit.
    With fifty exhibitors and EXPOSOLIDOS hundred exhibitors (Exhibition of Solids Technology) visiting POLUSOLIDOS can be done in a day. Our trade fair concept is to maximize your time and your budget. It is an exhibition to make business and find the best solutions to your production needs.